If you suspect that your home or rental property has been contaminated with
dangerous methamphetamine, consider meth residue testing with us as soon as possible.


Australia is facing a methamphetamine crisis and according to the United Nation's 2014 World Drug Report, we currently rank third in having the highest rates of meth use in the world.

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Meth residue screening determines the safety of a property before you or new tenants move in. Regular tests provide a deterrent to meth use and detect contamination problems early.

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We offer a wide range of residential meth testing services, so that you can choose the type of test that is most appropriate for you. View services here.

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  • Any property can contain hazardous amounts of meth contamination detrimental to the occupants' health.

  • Meth contamination is rarely visible and once contamination has occurred the residues can have a half life of 200 years and remain in surfaces for decades until the problem is properly remedied and the property is professionally decontaminated.

  • Property contaminated by meth poses serious health risks such as an increased risk of damage to the central nervous system, behavioural and neurological disorders in children, birth defects and even miscarriages. Exposure to low concentrations of meth residue can cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and nausea, respiratory problems, skin irritation and allergy type symptoms.

  • Compensation is being sought and rewarded to tenants who have lived in meth contaminated properties and litigation cases relating to meth contaminated homes are on the increase.

  • Methamphetamine decontamination of newly acquired properties can cost tens of thousands of dollars and may not be covered by insurance. In some cases where the property is badly contaminated, it may have to be demolished.

  • A contaminated property will decrease significantly in market value. Obtain a meth report, just as you would a building or pest report before making an investment.

We offer Base Composite Screens, Laboratory Composite Forensic Assessments, and Detailed Forensic Assessments. 

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure their property is safe for future occupants and Property Managers have a duty of care to advise their clients about the risks of methamphetamine contamination.